The countdown has begun, it's just few minutes left for the year 2011 to leave. I wanted to embrace and be thankful for the things I ac...

2011: As it zoomed past

The countdown has begun, it's just few minutes left for the year 2011 to leave. I wanted to embrace and be thankful for the things I achieved this year, hence, I'm writing this post. This will be a month-wise breakdown of my year as it zoomed past me....

The year started on a high note, not the one to compromise I didn't let the pressure if my board exams put my festive mood down. The preliminary exams where on, but me; a Facebook addict didn't even bother. Though my addiction didn't hit me hard, I knew that I would be in a soup if this continues!

With my School Farewell on 4th February, I was officially out from school and the sweet chapter of school-life came to a full-stop. But, that didn't stop any of my fellow batch-mates and me from taking rounds of our school with some reason or another just to see our friend's faces and our teachers.
Farewell to my lovely School

The dark month for many of students giving The Board Exams like me, but frankly, it was kind-of a cake-walk for me! Except the fact that I was pretty nervous giving my first paper as many people scared me with the fact that 'my life will be ruined' if I don't manage to give my great. Thought my exams didn't go that well as I expected (maybe due to my care-free attitude), I successfully kept Facebook at bay for the whole month (Okay, only till 21st March).

When the Indian Cricket team won the World Cup for the second time since, 1984, this blog was born at that very moment. A thing of distance, I just dreamt of it but never had the courage as I thought I'd eventually lose my rhythm of writing because I had no idea with what content I'd fill my blog with!

Well, this month was plain-jane. I was head-deep dipped in vacation boredom, uninspired this blog was the only one to my rescue.

This month I faced something really unexpected! Our Board results were on 17th June, I was expecting to score around 80% but to my surprise, I scored 90%! I was awe-struck and started questioning, "Do I really deserve it?" But soon I the answer to my query as, "Yes" because I really was serious about myself and worked smart for it. Also, this month witnessed my first Local Train journey!

And....I was in a huge dilemma which was caused due to college admissions. Thought I got great marks, choosing a right college and stream for myself was a priority for me, I wanted to go in St. Andrew's College and study Commerce, but people's (as well as my Dad's) opinion and advice regarding the 'preferred stream' and college turned me sceptical. I knew what I wanted and learnt to stand up for myself. Finally, I chose what 'I' thought will fit me the best weighing all the pros and cons at that very moment.

My college life began, it is not a single percent as I imagined it to be but it's cool. As I struggled with Local trains, I started to identify myself as a true Mumbaikar.
I visited Mount Mary fair for the first time!

Some people may find it crazy, but I fell in love with Marine Drive. Visiting it for the 1st time bunking my college was a great experience and life changing too.

All I can say, I love this place!
These months were filled with Mid-term Examination madness as well as, the reasons why people say that School pals are different as compared to College buddies. I discovered people in college just think about themselves and don't give a damn to the existence of the other person.

I started losing myself, my identity, my uniqueness and the most important thing; my thought process. I started borrowing writing ideas from other bloggers and lost the charm in my writing(You can certainly see that in my last two posts). And....I baked a caked (A picture will be updated soon)!

Reading it teleported me into an another dimension all together!

....Woah, the year was quiet eventful, wasn't it? I studied in both school and college in this year! And most importantly, started to identify myself. Overcame some negative energy within me, like the feeling of uncertainty, fear, etc. Overall it was a good year. How was your's? Do leave a comment below, till next see ya guys.

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