Disclaimer : This is not for Twi-hards, I have criticized the whole thing here. So, if you can't bear bad stuff about it, better not r...

Twilight- Breaking Dawn? Thumbs down!


Disclaimer: This is not for Twi-hards, I have criticized the whole thing here. So, if you can't bear bad stuff about it, better not read it. Thank You.

So, this post starts with a small apology for not updating you people since, a week. Actually, my net stopped working all of sudden on Monday, wrecking my weekdays! Ya, but I did enjoy my weekend. Now, straight to the point: On Friday, I  happened to chat with an old friend on Facebook (Aw, I love you Facebook for this) who asked me whether I'm interested to join her for Twilight-Breaking Dawn's Saturday show in a near-by Theater  and without even thinking twice I agreed to her proposal. Well, the movie was quiet boring! I didn't expect it to be so offbeat and awful, hey I'm not criticizing the Actors or the Director but the content. It just revolves around Edward's and Bella's marriage, their Honeymoon and how Bella dies giving birth to their half human-half vampire child Renesmee.
So, is the hype worth it?

I didn't understand one thing yet: How can something so absurd be bestselling or box-office's record-breaking? Well, I saw and read Twilight and pretty much liked it too but, not any part after that! I mean, it's actually freaking boring and a waste of time behind a girl (Bella) who isn't sure of herself and whom does she prefer i.e. The Vampire or the Werewolf! Both these supernatural species are feet sweeping in their places but why does she choose the Vampire? Why not the Werewolf? And Vampires sustain their species by turning humans like them by injecting them with their venom, so how did Edward made Bella Pregnant?! There are actually many such questions with which I can go on mocking Twilight Series.

Well, I'm quiet tired as I had an eventful Weekend. And if you have started guessing, I'm not in a mood to pen my words. I'll let the picture do some talk rather.....

Go Readers!
So, I just kinda went past Twilight (Book) last week to refresh my Bella&Edward's love story's Quotient. Okay, I admit my love for reading.

Cool, ain't it?
We had some event in our college on Saturday, the college was pretty much bucked up for it. This mini-fountain is a part of the decor.  I pretty much liked the way those halogen lights made a simple mini-fountain look stunning!
Beach time!
And you people know my love for beaches, so this was an obvious inclusion! Ha, I bet no one can match my love for Sea.

Wanna have some coffee?
To be frankly speaking, I hate coffee! It was just a culinary experience: A steaming hot cup of Cappuccino with Hazelnut syrup. And I still maintain my stand, "I hate coffee".  

A tribute to the Martyrs of 26/11
Actually, I wanted to do a full post on 26/11 and my agitation towards these terrorists on Saturday, the day which marked 3yrs of this unfortunate thing. But, due to the connectivity error...arrrgggghh! This is my small tribute to the Martyrs of 26/11, a picture which I took while I was returning from the Movie on Saturday.

As usual, I'm updating late night. Gotta catch on some sleep. And, tomorrow is Monday, a day which I affectionately call as Dreaded. So, all I can wish you is: see ya and whiz past this Dreaded day. P.S. keep smiling.

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