Life actually makes you acquaint with a few of the many masks people wear in front of you just to get some work done from you terming thems...

Life Lesson: Friends or Acquaintance?

Life actually makes you acquaint with a few of the many masks people wear in front of you just to get some work done from you terming themselves as your "Friends" and abandoning you after they are done with theirs. When you need them they aren't even bothered to even know your problem.

One thing I learnt this week (Um, the starting of this week, to be clear and precise) is, not everyone you get along with is your friend. They are just acquaintances, with whom you can just have a small talk and not open up your entire heart. I know, many of your might be already knowing who and how a friend is but, I didn't knew it earlier. I just thought, how I treat people fairly and warmly they too would treat me in the same way. But, later did I discover that things are this-or-that in this world! Life is a too complicated force to be reckoned with. The bunch of people I kept thinking of as friends just turned out to be mere companions, who just befriended me as a travel partner and not as a friend for life as I thought, and when I wasn't going their way they turned other way around and isolated me.

Friends v/s Acquaintances!
Answer me, when you walk with someone, what do you expect them to do? Talk to you? But, what if rather than talking to you (YOU! The person beside them) they talk with their loved once on the phone whole way, just making your feel as if you are walking alone, just for the sake of some company?! Well this was happening to me everyday until yesterday when I finally got the conclusion that they were just using me as a mere company since, we people lived in the same area! You expect friends to stick by you no matter what happens, you expect them to company you in your crazy plans but, what if you it is just you who is doing that to other person and that other person steers clear of you when their turn arrives? Perhaps, ignore this thing once, or twice, or even thrice but, what after that? What after when the extremes of your patience is crossed again and again? Certain, the person who treats you such is not a friend.

This life lesson was very bitter (not sour since, I like sour) but it surely taught me something very crucial: The difference between a Friend and an Acquaintance, which I would have never been able to identify as I thought the world is just fair and not foul. But at last I'm happy to have known the difference.....

True, isn't it?
Hmm, I'm pretty low today for the thing that happened. I have always been a loner since, as long as I remember so, being alone wouldn't bother me much. But, I have to still try to find my place as, everybody in college stays in groups and being alone would be kind-of awkward but, trust me thing would fall in place for me whilst being alone too.
It's already around midnight and I need to be in bed, so I'm off for today. Keep smiling and take care. Hope to see ya soon.

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