I'm so sorry for abandoning you people and my blog since, my last post. Um, I had my birthday on 11/11/11, would you forgive me now? My...

11/11/11, A date I got blessed with!

I'm so sorry for abandoning you people and my blog since, my last post. Um, I had my birthday on 11/11/11, would you forgive me now? My birthday week had been quiet messy (just the week not my day). Things went past unknowingly and hastily! According to the academic schedule, my college was due to re-open on 14th November and keeping that in mind I planned an awesome day with my school friends for my birthday. But things got awry as there began rumors spreading about college re-opening on 11th November and hence, my plan gone down the drain. But, I still enjoyed with some college friends as we just attended a lecture and left for Marine Drive!

Well, I turned 15yrs old. A year wiser and with some experience. People generally question, why do we celebrate our birthday when we lose a year of our existence? The answer to this is, as we get older we gain some wisdom and experience with each year and I guess, this definitely calls up for a celebration. Doesn't it?

Now, I complied a list of stuff I'd love to do before I lose a year i.e, before I turn 16 yrs old (I'm quiet an adventurer, an avid reader, a outdoorsy person with limited resources and keeping everything in mind I jotted down this wishlist as I want to conquer all of them!):
  • TREK, TREK, TREK! I like to be outdoor all the time (and that explains my hatred for vacations as I don't get to venture out) so this is something I'd love to do, anyone out there who wanna join me?
  • Read at least two new fiction books (excluding "The Twilight Series"). Topping my must read list is Jhumpa Lahri's Unaccustomed Earth, a book I have been longing to read since, I read a chapter of it in a magazine long time ago (I have already ordered the book online, just waiting for the delivery. Yepiii!) I haven't zeroed out the second read though.
  • Learn to Bake. Okay, I don't know how to cook or bake! I tried my hand at cooking a Chapatti (Indian Flat-bread) last Sunday. I managed to knead the dough pretty nicely but, in the cooking part, I burnt it. So, learning to Bake is a better option for me. Cinnamon Rolls, anyone?
  • Learn Basic French. I like to experiment new things, learning a new language has always been a dream, especially French or Spanish. A friend of mine has taken French as a subject in her College, so she might help me too. Fingers crossed!
  • Also, I desperately want to see what is at the end of Marine Drive (Okay, I am actually sounding off pretty bizarre, insane, silly...or whatever adjective you'd prefer to insert here, but I really am that curious to find that!) so, I am looking forward to walk the entire distance from the start of Marine Drive all the way toward it's end.  
Hey, this is not the end of my list, the thing is I am always open to learning and adventure and if I start listing (which I probably started!) it won't finish and I really want to complete thing, not just list'em! So, here I draw a line and hope to complete these thing first!
My birthday cake!
Also, above is the picture of my birthday cake. Enjoy.....
And I can't put off my love for Sea and Breeze, so here is one more....
It's me once again at Marine Drive!
Now, gotta go, see ya guys soon. Take care and have fun.....

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