Woah! At last these Mid-term examinations got over and I am breathing a heavy sigh of relief since, yesterday evening. College is off for D...

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Woah! At last these Mid-term examinations got over and I am breathing a heavy sigh of relief since, yesterday evening. College is off for Diwali now, for three weeks. Today, is the first day of my Diwali holidays and I am already BORED! I really hate this thing happening to me: Making elaborate bucket-list during examinations about what To-Do in holidays and spending a fair amount of time day-dreaming about them and when they befall me I am blank, with all my To-Do things going down the drain. The same thing happened to me during my Five months longs vacation, this summer. But things are a bit different this time around, during summer it was not a usual summer vacation in my sense, It was a Full-stop to my School life, a brief Full-stop to a chapter of life after which a new chapter of College-life was about to begin. Now, after I have begun this "College-life" phase it is truly hard being home most of the time. I am quiet an outdoorsy person and hate being home all day, after College began I actually loved being away from home (I know it's kinda insane) all day since, morning and returning late.

I literally, have nothing to do in these holidays!
Leaving personal stuff aside, I really hate long Holidays (and by long Holidays I mean, more than a week) so I'm terming this stuff as "Holiday-sickness". I know, I know, people term being away from Home as home-sickness but I hate being home during holidays so its kinda "Holiday-sickness" for me. Now, I am focusing toward how to have a better Diwali, as I have already shopped for Diwali two-weeks ago, my mom already did a hefty share of Diwali Chores. And nothing is left except, making sweets. Ha! but I don't know how to do that. So, I'll just concentrate on eating 'em. How strange is this: We grunt and grumble when we have a lot of work on our hand but, we hate it when we have nothing to do And if I am not wrong, this happens with most of us. Duh, Crazy Human psychology!

And, I have been posting throughout October but I always forget to mention an important thing, "Breast Cancer Awareness". October is Breast Cancer awareness month, a form of cancer which has taken lives of millions of women. It is very crucial to be acquaint with the change taking place within our body and to know whether it is harmful or not and also, to take right medical steps if it is found to be harmful. "Be body aware and keep this cancer at bay", a sincere request to all women worldwide. Thank You.

Also, this festival season, I wish to spread a word:
Festivals are an occasion of being with family and friends, it is definitely not a reason to splurge if you don't  have the cash for it just to out-do someone who is flaunting some "IT" thing. So, just enjoy the festival season with all it has to offer. Try to take joy in little festive things, rather than equating festival with a show-off of wealth!

.....and with it my time is up. Have to rush now for dinner, see ya guys later. Keep smiling and have a Happy and SAFE Diwali. :)

P.S : I went again to the place where we went for the first time to bunk, yesterday after exams. Had an awesome time and got to be away from home till 9.00pm out with friends for the first time (I had been once out till 11.00pm for a concert, but that was sponsored by my School). 

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