Okay. I surely got a lesson for life today, I admit it was entirely my fault, I shouldn't have run for it. I know what you are thinking...

"WHAM" and a Life lesson learnt

Okay. I surely got a lesson for life today, I admit it was entirely my fault, I shouldn't have run for it. I know what you are thinking, "What is this and why?". Let me clear out the air about it first, after which you will come to know why am I doing some "I admit" stuff....

It all started this morning, I woke up pretty late as usual at around 10.00am. And frankly speaking, every morning of mine, from the minute I wake up is like a race....brushing my teeth, bathing, having food, etc. So anyone can't expect me to waste even a minute hovering upon a single thing, but here comes an exception, Newspaper. And that's where I wasted my precious minutes this morning, lingering around them and assimilating every word as I flipped through the sheets.

Mistakes, a learning thing? Yes
Generally, I have to leave my house by 10.30am everyday, in order to reach college on time for my 12.30pm lecture, by catching the 11.13am Churchgate local. But today, due to my leisure-y mood (People around me know how moody I am) I wasted around 15 minutes going through the black and white sheets and later did I realized it was getting late! I shooed away my laze and started on with the usual monotony of every morning. As I live a bit far from the Railway Station, I need to take a vehicle upto it if I want to save time and energy. I generally take an Auto-rickshaw till Station but, a friend of mine message me that we are having an Auto-rickshaw strike today, in our area. I was pretty cool with it as, I could easily take a bus that plies between my residence (The bus stop is just outside my building's gates!)and the station every 15minutes.

Now, as I was pretty late this morning due to newspapers I hurriedly ran out for the bus as it was already 10.45am and the bus was about to arrive at any moment. I reached the gate of my building and saw the bus at the stop. At first, I though I'd leave this bus and board the other one at 11.00am. But, I don't know what happened to me all of sudden, I started running for the bus when the bus started moving. I used to see other people run and catch the bus so, I thought I might manage to catch it. I just extended my hand to catch the pole....and all I remember after that is, I was flat on the road bleeding profusely with injuries on my lips, on right hand, on the right-side of my hips, chin and one of my front teeth chipped. It was just God whose grace saved me from a life-taking accident and it was the same God who brought a friend at that time, helping me out and being with me till my brother came to my rescue.
Destiny plays its own game, Dad always advice me not to catch a running vehicle and I never paid any heed to it but today I realized that he was indeed right!

Now, you know why I was admitting my mistakes at the start of this post. All I want to tell you by sharing this life lesson of mine is, "Never put your life in danger by trying to catch a running vehicle, for life is precious than  time. It's better to get late and miss-out on something rather than getting injured and having to miss the entire thing". With this note I end this story, safe "future" journey people. By the way, I'm really in pain because of the wounds I got, but few people think I'm not, maybe because I don't show my pain and keep smiling. And as always, I'm updating late night. I'm having my 1st Term exams from Friday and I didn't even start studying, duh! Gotta be serious now with things. See ya guys soon. Take care, keep smiling and "NEVER TRY TO BOARD A RUNNING VEHICLE"!

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  1. hahahahahaha i want to get hurt like tht once
    btw take care
    and ya dont tunn for a vehcle even if stoped
    and i m used to cath running vehicle so plsspray tht i too get ne such hurt once

  2. You have officially lost your mind! I won't pray anything bad for anybody, even for an enemy. And you stop doing such "Dare-baazi" thing, it will prove nothing good. :P


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