Sorry people, I was kind-of busy (bored, to be exactly accurate) so I didn't post since, a week. But, I am back wishing all Witches, Mo...

Random thing from my Mind

Sorry people, I was kind-of busy (bored, to be exactly accurate) so I didn't post since, a week. But, I am back wishing all Witches, Monsters, Vampires, Beasts and Zombies, A happy Halloween (hmm, I know it is sounding off a bit cheesy!). Now, focusing back on my post. In last post I had mentioned about two new feature on my blog, On my Playlist and Random things from my Mind. Well, this post is going to be "Random things from my Mind". I know I bored you a lot with my mindless chat. So here is the visual treat.....

Clay Lamps aka, Diyas
It wouldn't be wrong to say I'm still in a festive mood. By the way, the festival season has just begun in the West. This picture is of the lit Clay lamps aka Diyas. Warming and welcoming, right?

Rangoli, a proper one!
Well, it is made by me! I am still in awe because I'm quiet bad at making traditional rangolis and do the forbidden: use scale and a pencil for it! But this time around, I used a pencil to draw the thing, but filled the coloured powder using my hands. So, a proper Rangoli made by me, at last!

Remember the one I talked about a fortnight ago?
The vacation boredom has actually, taken out the best of me. I miss college like anything hence, this picture. This is the florist's stall opposite my college's lane from where I sneaked-peaked the picture of those adorable lilies. Hope, the two weeks just flies by as I have lost my patience (hmm, I didn't ever had any!).

A movie named after its villain? Cool!
Ra.One, this Diwali's release! I went for this movie last Saturday with my younger brother. This movie is kind-of cool, but for children. It's full of action and it is my brother's favourite movie now.

McFlurry  :-)
Hmm, McFlurry (I had it with Oreo, my favourite)is quiet tasty, fluffy and a bit costly for half this tub! Nevertheless, it's a nice thing to indulge in once in a while. *All smiles*

Are you a French?
As I said, I'm missing college. This picture is not recent in any way, this was taken on 5th October, on French day. By the way, isn't it cute?

Frankly, this picture too is taken a lot prior. I had been to Marine Drive on the last day of my exams i.e. on 22nd October and took this picture at Chowpatty. So, this picture had to be included as I like beaches and this is the first time I wrote my name of sand!

My "first" sandcastle!
A second first in my life that day: Sandcastle! I made these for the first time on my visit to Chowpatty. Unbelievable and Childish.

The sun, in it's full glory.
And, I had to include this picture. The sun in it's full glory during sunset. 

So the post has come to an end, forgive me for the lack of the text but, bask the richness of the untold story spoken by these picture (Ha, intensity intended!). Gotta go now, see ya people soon and take care.

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