All this started with that girl saying, "St. Xavier's College", whom I befriended in the train on my way back to home, when I...

The best avoided "IF"

All this started with that girl saying, "St. Xavier's College", whom I befriended in the train on my way back to home, when I asked in which college she is in. A bolt struck me all of sudden and left me numbed, literally. And forced me to re-think my decision of choosing St. Andrew's College. Sure, my college is fun and I love it too but, things are far more complicated for me as this whirl-winding stuff is draining me out emotionally. St. Xavier's College was the first college I knew ever since, I came to know what a college is. I pictured myself entering the Gates of the Gothic structure and feel privileged until, I figured out that it does not provide Commerce stream. It was the summer of the year 2009 and St. Andrew's was the college I had just started to learn about.

Just keep a Budhha outlook in life and whiz past all you problems
I don't regret my decision of choosing my college but the thing which is bogging me down is this "IF"! "If" is a two letter word which just means a condition, literally. But, it is a word having a deep impact on life. Every turn of life bring many options to us and we have to select just one. Now, this "if" come in picture after the selection is made. Things keeps us bogging as we thing, "Oh, if I would have chosen this it would have been better" or "I should have done that instead of this". But my friends, the fact is we make a decision at "that" point of time by weighing out all the possibilities and conveniences. In future though, something may make us feel that what we did was wrong but they are just the influences that makes us think that. The real decision, which is truly perfect for us, is made by ourselves in the "choosing" stage itself. For example, all I was doing this evening was regret, I was just regretting that why didn't I just fetch Science stream and get into St. Xavier's College as I always dreamt of it but, later did I realize I like doing Accounts more that I would have liked to do the dissection of various animals (I am a vegan though, and don't like animals. Hey but this doesn't mean I harm them.) in the Biology lab. Now, again I thought "If" I would have got into St. Xavier's College I would have been hating myself for taking up Science stream as I never longed for a career in a scientific field nor would have Humanities benefited me as I am not a theory person and like to put things into practice. I take things in a logical manner and Commerce stream for me, I think, is perfect. And hence, my point that we weigh-out things before taking decision gets proved! Plus, if I would have quit St. Andrew's College I would have been regretting on it (Duh! how complicated are we Humans!). I am happy with whatever decision I made so far in my life and the thing that turned out to be mistakes were a lesson for me. And I hope after reading the paragraph above, you too just remove the word "If" from your life (I know that is not completely possible, but keeping it at bay might help too.) and take pride in your decisions no matter how hard people try to prove it wrong.

I love'em! 
My mid-terms are on, and I am having an exam tomorrow at 1.00pm, the best part? I have to do four chapters and neither I had a glance at the book yet, nor my study material is ready. I just got home and all I did was be on Facebook and eat! I am planning to wake up early morning and do thing but, it's 12.10am and I'm not asleep (Hell, yeah! I know that is insane). So just cutting short thing, I am taking a leave. Good night guys and pray that I am able to wake up early morning. Fingers Crossed! See ya soon and take care.

Meanwhile, as a visual treat I'm leaving you guys with the picture of the lilies I snapped at the florist's shop which is just on the lane opposite to the college. Happy viewing. By the way, I love lilies so I snapped it. :-)

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  1. cool yaar i always try to avoid ifs but my family always put me in the situation
    and ya tht was not new i never opened my chem book and i got 12/15 in weekly test i dont even knw which lesson it was

  2. Haha, Strange! Here I opened my book this morning and studies for 2hrs and still wrote just a fair kind of paper. Hoping I get above 80/100. Pray.


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