Okay, I was just browsing through channels on my television, when I chanced upon this song being played on VH1 and since then, I am list...

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Okay, I was just browsing through channels on my television, when I chanced upon this song being played on VH1 and since then, I am listening to this "master-piece" non-stop on YouTube! Hey, I don't like a particular genre of music but listen to whatever pleases my ears (Hmm....but I am certainly a bit partial to Urban Punjabi genre due to my beloved Imran Khan). To be honest, I am not in a mood to write some heavy, pour-out-my-heart post as all my excitement for Navratri has been spoiled by those slow songs played during Dandiya, tonight. So, in this post I'd prefer to cut short my words and let the video above and picture below do the talk.

Chocolate Milkshake. Just one word.....YUMMY!

Ah, How much I love this thing (Choco-milkshake) filled in little plastic containers from my college's cafeteria! It's pure bliss to take the sips and linger all over them, trying to devour these. Yeah, I know I am sounding crazy right now, but frankly I can't help it! I love it so, so, so much. Plus, at this moment, my vocabulary falls short of adjectives to define this Yummy thing.

Marine Drive: Sea and Breeze, anything more I can ask for?

I know, I know, I had added this picture in my last post too but at that time, I didn't have a chance to elaborate on this as I was in a jiffy so, I just added this picture with a small foot-note. No problem anyways, as I am still not over this! I love sea and strong winds so naturally, this place made for an ideal spot.

Strange structured car!

On a lighter note, I saw this car a week ago on my way to Bandra Station back from college and I didn't leave the chance to snap a picture of this funny, red/orange thing. I don't know whether you may find it funny or not but, I felt really amused at the car's shape and structure.

Mount Mary Basilica

I took this picture, literally, ages ago (approx. 3weeks) when, I had been to Mount Mary Fair aka. Bandra Fair on the last day of my first Unit Examinations. The place was pretty good and CROWDED. The Mount Mary Basilica (pic. above) is approximately 100yrs old and according to some people, it has a wish granting property (which is quiet a crowd-puller). I really enjoyed my visit there, but alas! I didn't get the chance to light a candle, due to which I am really very disappointed with it as it was my first visit.

Now, enough of random pictures with LONG notes. I really didn't have much to pen down today, as those slow songs played a spoil-sport for my mood (Frankly, I have many things wrecking my grey cells now-a-days so, you can expect a nice post soon). Also, I am sleepy because as usual, I am updating late night. By the way, I received some really nice compliment, by a person, on my writing which has motivated me to write more. Thanks a lot. 
So, see you guys soon and take care.

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  1. cool pic i dint read the post because of presence of imran khan

  2. You have no Idea how much I'm hating you this moment because of your comment! :P Jealous?

  3. not jealous it just i dont like his crow voice :P

  4. HE IS NOT A CROW!!! By the way he has a better voice as compared to Enimem! :P

  5. eminem is a rapper a rapper is partially a singer so I dont think his voice is a problem for tht as his compoition are too good to listen rather thn listenning to a crow s song with no meaning

  6. His songs are meaningful, okay! Better than that stuff Eminem raps. :P

  7. hey does he sings song on his life cause he doesnt have guts and any one can copy tune and lyrics frm any where
    and eminem has highest fan on fb too i guess imran is not even nail of of foot of marshal

  8. Lets fight on facebook because I have a lot to say! :P


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