Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! It has been ages since, I updated my blog. The reason for this is lack of time, the past week and this week had been S...

Monster: Work-Load!

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry! It has been ages since, I updated my blog. The reason for this is lack of time, the past week and this week had been SUPER busy with tonnes of exams and assignments flowing in and out. I had to tug around my sleep schedule in order to do those assignments (Ah! and I usually write my posts at night so, because of them I couldn't update). I hope you forgive me soon.

Remember the thing said by Peter Parker aka, Spider-man's Uncle Ben in the movie Spider-man, "With great power comes great responsibility"? Well, I say, "With great freedom comes great WORK-LOAD", literally! And I being such a lazy person, keep procrastinating things (Hey! But I'm punctual, I some how manage to do my work on time). The college life, I had seen on television and movies till April, is not the same as the real one. They show the students roaming around having fun all the time and most importantly, having only 5mins lectures (I never believed this thing, though!). I used to think less subjects means lesser work-load but, its not such! On the flip-side thing are more complicated! Assignments, Practicals, Exams, etc. just for a single subject, imagine this.....simply tiring and exhausting! And this thing has lead to a feeling of rejection, not exactly but thing are not as I had thought them to be. I had thought I'll be getting more time after going in college but, it has happened the other way i.e. I am more busy with college work-load.

Well, rejection is something we all experience in life, at some point of time. Either we get rejected from our dream-something (college, field, etc. limitless possibilities, you know) or any person rejects us (now, I don't want to get in details of this thing!). But, that doesn't means you should stop enjoying things. Ever heard the quote "If you love something, let it go, if it comes back to you it's yours and if it doesn't it was never"? Similarly, if something rejects you just don't let yourself down and doubt your potential, you got rejected just because destiny has stored something else for you which is "JUST" for you and meant to be for you.

So, cheer up and keep smiling people. Now, my time is up! Need to go to do some practicals (Aww! how much I hate writing, can't express it literally!). Bye for now then, I really hate saying bye so, see ya seems a better alternative. So, see ya people and keep smiling.

It's Marine Drive!
P.S. I had bunked with my friends on Wednesday. Check out the picture up (just one).

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  1. cool but dont take to much stress swim with flow


  2. Its not stress buddy! You know how easy-going I am, just saying things are not going as expected.


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