Okay! Yesterday was the first day of my college, I was too much excited for it to happen. As I walked inside the gigantic gate of the colle...

Second day college life: Forgot how to smile!

Okay! Yesterday was the first day of my college, I was too much excited for it to happen. As I walked inside the gigantic gate of the college I was so happy but also a bit missing my school. I don't know how to put this thing but I really, really and really miss my school life! During my school years, I used to imagine my future college life, how exciting it would be, just full of fun, independence and friends. Whenever I was asked to fill a slam book by any of my friends, I used to write college-life as my favorite life. The simple reason for me writing college-life as my favorite one was, due to television! They show in TV the kind-of fun-filled, glamorous and joyous life collegians live, and I desperately longed for that!

I am just so much stressed out.....!
Now, after the Day 2 of attending college all I want to accept is, I was totally WRONG and school-life was much, much and much better! This college life is no fun task, you surely get many friends from different background, have fun and independence too, but these things are too hectic to adapt to after just coming out from the protective shell of the school-life where all teachers tell you what to do, how-to-do and when to do and parents are there to do all the work for you, you just have to study and have a blast with friends! In college teachers don't care for anything except just taking class, they don't even treat you with the kindness and patience your school teachers did. Since, yesterday i.e, my first day of in the college life I am all lost! I haven't got the book thing, by this I mean, I have to buy books for all subject but I have to source them from far-away place! Plus, on the first day itself I became a hater of the canteen food! Sure, my college canteen is hygienic and a cool place to hang out but I takes an entire break to get hold of something to eat! So from now I prefer to bring my own lunch. I spend about one hour or more daily to reach my college and then back to home from there! Imagine one hour or more! In school it would just take me 2 minutes to reach school. So good.

Let me tell you a thing, my days are a lot hectic since, yesterday. So, my future posts could get delayed or short because of the less time, I leave house in morning and return after dark, after which I don't have any energy left within myself to even talk. I am so much irritated that I can't even ask for food nicely without making awful faces! When in school I used to long for college life but now when I have come in that phase I want my school-life back! Desperately! I really wish to cry on my mistake of underestimating school-life. It really seems (and is) life has changed drastically all of sudden and throw me in the whirl-winding stormy college life, which I am trying my level-best to adapt to. My usual smiling and giggling face has turned frowning and drained out now. I try to smile but its not that easy with me feeling to weep on what I just lost, school-life.

I am off for now because of lack of any energy within me and I have to sleep by 10.30pm from now-on-wards in order to make some time for studies as I won't be able to study after I return after such a long and tedious day at college at night. So, bye for now but as I don't like saying bye, see ya soon and learn to value your school life as they are the years of fun and being free without worry about anything in particular. 

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  1. hey aditi maine bola tha it will be a big hectic life u wanted to travel and get tired i told u
    any ways a true post :)
    cool 1 indeed
    best of luck for next 2 years


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