Hmm....sorry for not posting anything since last Friday. Actually, the thing was I was too happy with my result but at the same time confu...

Tourist in own city!

Hmm....sorry for not posting anything since last Friday. Actually, the thing was I was too happy with my result but at the same time confused about choosing a good college and field of my interest. This is the reason which drove me towards an ultimate college hunt today! Yeah...I was a tourist in my own city, strange but true. First we traveled from Mira Road to Vasai to have a look at Vartak college (Ahhh!......this college was totally rural kinda). 

After that we boarded a train from Vasai to Bandra and the fun we had after that can't be described in words, literally! But reaching Bandra was a strenuous task in itself as it required traveling half an hour in those crowded locals, a really challenge! We went there (Bandra) to see St. Andrews college and Rizvi college but the real fun began when we were trying to find our way toward Rizvi college after  because we didn't had a single penny (hmm......not penny actually, Indian currency is called Rupees) left with us to board a bus after giving away that precious Rs. 11/- to that Autoricksha-waala to reach St. Andrews college. We were asking directions from the local people there like crazy! 

We kept walking, walking, walking and walking till we saw Bandra Promenade and there I was, photographing the sea and the rocky way like crazy, along with enjoying those cool winds blowing through me. Then by asking our way we finally reached our second destination i.e. Rizvi College but the way to that college is frankly very long and cumbersome if everyday travel is taken into consideration. No frets! But the fun I had at Bandra Bandstand was totally awesome.

 Now it was time to go back home (5.45pm .. :O I had said my mum I'll be back by 3.00pm!) but as I said earlier, I had no money nor my friend had any so ultimately we boarded the train back home without tickets! (Don't get me wrong, I had to do it because I didn't had any money with me, and that was the reason I was even hungry till evening since, 11.00 in the morning. Well I had only cornflakes in my breakfast! I not at all encourage this thing to be done by anyone. I'll make sure I carry enough money with me if I plan to travel that much in near future). 

And what else? Ahha... pictures! Have a look at them... 

These are the salt pans near Mira Road Station.

Bandra Bandstand! awesome naa?

Well, this is warli art (a kind of Indian art thing) but here it is done on the walls with oil paint!
Actually, Its 1.00am now (way too late) so I am cutting short this post. Hope you don't mind. legs have turned sore as a result of walking too much! Once again sorry for a short post. But don't forget to give some feedback......

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