Few days ago, HSC results were declared and SSC results are expected to be out by 10th June 2011. I have been waiting eagerly for my results...

A year's summary

Few days ago, HSC results were declared and SSC results are expected to be out by 10th June 2011. I have been waiting eagerly for my results from the time I gave my board exams in March. But, as this result day is drawing nearer I am getting tensed about it. Surely, my life is depended on the marks I obtain in this examination but, day-by-day I am forced to think that, have I really given my 100% in this examination? With this question sprouting up at regular intervals in my mind, I get nostalgic and began reviewing this whole academic year as it passed......

April 2010
Classes for 10th std. began in the first week of April and at the same time sticking to my decision of not attending any extra coaching or tuition, I began making elaborate plans about how to study and managing my time . By second week I lost track of my plans and started following the study pattern that was being followed at school. April was hot but my studies went coolly as I master the main chapters. April ended with an April test in school in which I obtained 68% (Not bad though).

May 2010  
With vacations beginning from 1st May I ditched my studies all together to enjoy vacation and soak-up the sun thinking, I still have 11 months to study. I started studying a bit again from last week of May because school was re-opening from June and I didn't wanted to be the only one in class who didn't do any school work during vacations.

June 2010 
With school re-opening from 1st June everyone got serious in class except me, I was still taking everything lightly thinking that there is still a lot of time left to cover-up everything. My school principal dissolved my class and shuffled students thinking this will lead to a better score over-all amongst us as our class didn't do brilliantly in April test and this thing kept me bogged down for two weeks and as a result I wasn't able to concentrate on studies.

July 2010
I started adjusting in the new class, exams were around the corner and I wasn't done with anything except April test portion. Everyone in school was in panic mode, I started studying for Units just a week ago. The Units gone well but at the same time, I made some good friends in the examination hall!!

August 2010
Units results were out and I managed to get a surprising 79%, it was a horror for my friends as they expected me to score far-less than them but I scored far-more than them and proved their views about me as a dumb, carefree sports-person wrong. Also in August, my friendship with the people I met in examination hall grew and before I knew anything, we people were being called a group. I also realized that our principal decision  of dissolving my previous class really worked in my favor.

September 2010
Actually, I don't remember anything clearly about what happened in September, maybe because nothing major happened. I just remember I was having a fun time with my new group.

October 2010
This time mid-term was approaching and I was still busy having fun with my group and planning for the festival season ahead, I kept thinking that as I managed Units in the same way mid-terms too would be taken care of but, it never happened that way. In the last week of October, mid-terms went well but I didn't do too well in them as I just got around 70%.

November 2010
Diwali vacations began and I was enjoying each moment of it. I started studying a bit daily for 2hrs from 2nd week of November and this thing actually helped me out, seriously!

December 2010
This month entered in my life with a huge Preliminary Exam which, I managed to score in. But a huge horror was waiting in for me which I didn't anticipate at all: It was time to submit all graded books, I was still in a belief that none of my graded books are complete but to my surprise, I had some how completed it beforehand and the only thing left was to get my books signed by the teachers. The second horror was an another Preliminary exams which would be held in 1st week January. OMG!

January 2011
Frankly, my 2nd Prelims were better than my previous one and I got a good score but, with the end of this exam my school life was rapidly coming to an end......Yeah, farewell was approaching (4th February).

February 2011
And as said, with farewell on 4th February my school life came to an end (hey, I have done a picture post of my farewell, you can have a look on it too) and the orals, practicals and preparation for board examination began. But, studying the same thing since April bored me and as the exams date was approaching I was losing my interest in studies....uggh!!

March 2011
So, my board exams began from 3rd March and along with it began a month-long period of suffering, seriously! The last day of boards was 21st March and after that marathi paper that day all I did was enjoy for a whole day (My friend was celebrating her birthday that day too).

So, now I am back from the nostalgic lane again worrying for my results, I hope as everything went fine the whole year same would happen this time too. Please Guys, do pray for me........

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