When the school is on, the much awaited thing among we students is the vacations. In the last month of the school, instead of studying as mu...

Holiday blues?

When the school is on, the much awaited thing among we students is the vacations. In the last month of the school, instead of studying as much we should all we do is planning how to spend out vacations. But when this vacations befalls us, all that meticulous planning go down the drain for many of us. When the school is on, we have loads of work to do (Homeworks, assignment, projects and what not) and they keep us pretty busy and entertained most of the time but, during vacations its only that stupid box: television and computer with which we get bored very soon.

I'm bored............. :/
Its mid of these vacations and if you are home this vacations with no friends around (like me) then, you too might be feeling the same holiday-blues which I felt (I have earlier mentioned about my vacations boredom in two of my posts) but now I have successfully overcome them.....Yepi! and yes, I will surely share with you some inexpensive remedies to cure holiday-blues......


Well, this one is an obvious one. Exercise is a for sure remedy as exercising releases some feel-good hormones in our body and these hormones elevates our mood. Plus, exercise in form of any sporting activity (like football, badminton, etc.) helps improve our concentration levels and de-stresses us. If exercising is not your thing then a hour-long stroll in a green and breezy place will do wonders too.


This is the pic of the seminar i attended yesterday.
These free-workshops and seminars are always worth attending and they being free are a huge turn-on (I have been to one yesterday on career planning). These workshops and seminars diverts our mind into something productive so you feel less bored. But make sure you get adequate information about these workshops before attending them because its better to be safe than sorry (its always advised to take few friends along with you).


This one is sort-of favorite of mine because you don't need to be actually going for a vacation to do it. Plan a lavish dream vacation to Paris or a simple trip that may happen in a near future, this one is sure to entertain and keep you busy for sometime.

I am doing this one now, needless I say more?


Don't think its my wardrobe...LOL!
......and organize a small fashion show for yourself, you can also get some friends along and have a total blast while doing it.


You can also have a mini-tea party....
This one will dissolve your boredom and make you concentrate on food. But make sure you know how to bake or cook, or else be ready to face some disaster like burnt-cakes. Hosting a tea-party with the goods you baked is a fun option too.

Actually, I have complied a long list of things to cure vacations boredom but I'm in a rush now and I'm sure you would get feed-up reading such a huge post so I'm off for now. So till my next post, see ya...... :)

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